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Monday, April 1

2019 NASW-Illinois Chapter CEU Events

Here's a complete list of NASW-IL trainings for 2019. Check back often as new courses are added each week!

All courses offered through the NASW-Illinois Chapter meet the continuing education qualifications for LSWs, LCSWs, LPCs, LCPCs, LMFTs, RNs, LPNs, APNs, and LCPs licensed in Illinois as required by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). NASW-IL is also a Illinois State Board of Education-approved licensed professional development provider for PELs (formerly Type 73s) for school social workers. 

Don't see a training in your area? Contact your local district chair to help with organizing with an event in YOUR area! 

OUR POLICY FOR RECEIVEING CEUs HAS CHANGED. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. To receive CEUs, you must mark your arrival time and departure time on the registration timesheet; attendees missing arrival or departure time are not eliglble for CEUs. If you require the full amount of CEUs for the workshop, be sure to arrive on time. Late arrivals will have CEU hours deducted from their certificates. If you need to leave the training early, see on-site staff person to mark your departure time on the registration timesheet. CEU certificates will be sent out within 45 days after the event. 

CANCELLATION POLICY (Revised November 21, 2016)

While we understand that emergencies do occur, once a participant has been registered and is expected to attend a course, the NASW-Illinois Chapter has already factored that person’s attendance into costs already absorbed by the chapter. Therefore our cancellation policy for our continuing education offerings is as follows (unless stated otherwise on the registration form or page):

  • Cancellations received more than three (3) weeks out from a course can request a refund in full at 100% cost.
  • Cancellations received within three (3) weeks of the course are eligible for a partial refund. The participant may request a refund MINUS 20% of the course fee (used to help the chapter recoup event set-up costs) EXCEPT in the case of the LSW/LCSW Review Course (see next bullet).
  • Cancellations received within three (3) weeks of an LCW/LCSW Review Course date are eligible to reschedule ONE TIME for $20.00 for one of the next three available review course dates. There are no refunds for LSW/LCSW Review Course cancellations received within three weeks of the review course date. Rescheduling requests must be submitted BEFORE the day of the event. Requests received AFTER the event has begun will NOT be accepted.
  • Any no show for a course without prior cancellation notification will not be eligible for a refund nor the option to attend a future course at the absorbed cost. 


Friday 04.26.19 - Environmental Justice: What Does It Mean? (Macomb)

This is a West Central District CEU event. What is environmental justice? What are the implications for rural communities? How is it related to mental health and housing? Are there resources available in Illinois? Please join the NASW West Central District and speakers with different backgrounds and expertise as these issues related to environmental justice are explored.

Where: 2500 E Jackson, Macomb, IL 61455

When: 8:30am–12:30pm

Cost: 4 CEUs / $80 Nonmember / $20 NASW Member Fee

Presenter(s): Shanondora Billiot, MSW, PhD; Chris Merrett, PhD; Dick Breckenridge; and Chris Pressnall, JD



Friday 04.26.19 - Three Rivers District CEU Event: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas (Bartlett)

This is a Three Rivers District ethics CEU event. Ethical dilemmas are situations where social workers are confronted by two or more conflicting obligations which independently would be equally upheld. In an ethical dilemma, acting on one value or duty automatically violates the other one. Ethical dilemmas challenge us to prioritize values, aspects of the code of ethics, and applicable regulations. Some areas of competing values may include confidentiality, self-determination, boundaries and dual-relationships, conflict of interest, and best interest of clients. High standards of practice and avoidance of complaints and lawsuits requires social workers to be able to identify and successfully resolve ethical dilemmas.

Where: Hanover Township Youth and Family Services, 250 South Illinois Route 59, Bartlett IL 60103

When: 9:00am–12:00pm

Cost: 3 Ethics CEUs / $90 Nonmember / $50 NASW Member

Presenter(s): Ruth Lipschutz, LCSW, ACSW



SOLD OUT! Friday 05.03.19 - Extramarital Affairs: Dynamics, Trauma, and Treatment (Skokie)

This is a Northeastern District CEU event. Extramarital affairs can cause trauma for all parties involved. This presentation will discuss these traumas as well as interventions for the social worker to consider. 

Where: Jewish Children and Family Services, 5150 West Golf Road, Room 239, Skokie IL 60076

When: 9:30–11:00am

Cost: 1.5 CEUs / $23 Nonmember / FREE NASW Member

Presenter(s): Phillip Elbaum

Registration: This event is SOLD OUT. To add yourself to the waiting list, click here.


LESS THAN 10 SPOTS LEFT! Thursday 05.09.19 - Chicago District CEU Event: Healing Neen (Chicago)

Healing Neen - An Introspective Conversation with Tonier Cain

This is a Chicago District CEU event. Tonier Cain-Muldrow is a trauma survivor and internationally recognized trauma-informed care expert. Tonier's work has focused on heightening awareness of the characteristics and effects of trauma. Tonier's story is raw and uncensored, 83 arrests and 66 convictions, drug addiction, and sex work. Today Tonier spreads a message of hope, resilience, faith, and tenacity to individuals worldwide. Cain’s poignant memoir, Healing Neen, and feature-length documentary of the same name exposes her traumatic childhood filled with abuse, rape, and neglect, and is also a testament to her amazing resilience. Tonier will be discussing her life story, the trial and tribulations that she has gone through, and how she was able to overcome these challenges.

Where: Mt. Sinai Hospital, Auditorium Glasser A, 1500 S. Fairfield, Chicago IL 60608

When: 11:45am-12:45pm

Cost: 1 CEU / $15 Nonmember / FREE NASW Member

Presenter(s): Tonier Cain-Muldrow



SOLD OUT! Friday 05.17.19 - Fundamentals of Being a Clinical Supervisor (DePaul Center)

Did you know that only 40% of clinical supervisors have received formal training? While Illinois does not require minimum standards for clinical supervisors, the NASW-Illinois Chapter feels it is essential that our supervisors are trained on how to engage most effectively with their supervisees. Benefits to be gained from this workshop: 1) To provide new supervisors with clear models for supervision to help them implement the complex set of supervisory tasks; 2) To help experienced supervisors (in practice settings and off-site in private practice) conceptualize what they already do well so they can function more effectively and consistently; 3) To help administrative supervisors who wish to facilitate highly effective service to clients and job satisfaction for staff, i.e., boost morale and reduce staff burnout; 4) To have your name listed on our website saying you have successfully completed this course and to be available to individuals looking for clinical supervisors. Learn the fundamentals of being a clinical supervisor! After completing the course, attendees will be able to fill out a form to be listed on our website's Supervisor Registry.

Where: DePaul Center, 1 E Jackson Boulevard, Suite 8002, Chicago IL 60604

When: 1:00–5:00pm

Cost: 4 CEUs / $90 Nonmember / $50 NASW Member

Presenter(s): Natalie K. Holzman, LCSW

Registration: This event is SOLD OUT. To add yourself to the waiting list, click here


Thursday 05.23.19 – East Central District Networking Event (Bloomington)

Please join us for an NASW-IL East Central District networking event in Bloomington, IL. The event will be a great opportunity for connecting with others in the field. Heavy hors d'oeuvres and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Where: Epiphany Farms, Second Floor Bell Tower, 220 East Front Street, Bloomington IL 61701

When: 6:00 to 8:30pm

Cost: $15 Nonmember / Free NASW Member Fee



Friday 06.14.19 - LSW/LCSW Review Course (Decatur)

Click here for our complete list of 2019 test prep courses: http://www.naswil.org/education-career-development/test-preparation/


Friday 06.14.19 - LSW/LCSW Review Course (DePaul Center)

Click here for our complete list of 2019 test prep courses: http://www.naswil.org/education-career-development/test-preparation/


Friday 06.14.19 – Introduction to Brainspotting (O’Fallon)

This is a Southern District CEU Event. Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing, and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation, and a variety of challenging symptoms. Brainspotting provides therapists with powerful tools which enable their patients to quickly and effectively focus and process through the deep brain sources of many emotional, somatic, and performance problems.

Where: O'Fallon Township Town Hall, 801 East State Street, O'Fallon IL 62269-1579

When: 2:30 to 5:30 (Check-in opens at 2:00pm)

Cost: 3 CEUs / $75 Nonmember / Free NASW Member Fee

Presenter(s): Cherie Lindberg, LPC, NCC



Monday 06.17.19 - Clinical Social Work Supervision II: Discussion of Supervisory Issues (DePaul Center)

This is an advanced-level supervision course and we strongly encourage that you take the Fundamentals of Being a Clinical Supervisor course before taking this one. If you have not taken the first course, you must have at least two years minimum of experience as a supervisor.

This course will provide an opportunity to discuss the elements presented in the Fundamentals of Being a Clinical Supervisor workshop. Participants will expand their consideration of challenging supervisory issues via small and large group discussion of practice-related vignettes. The entire workshop will be discussion-based, so come prepared with questions and real-life (disguised) experiences to share with fellow supervisors. 

Where: DePaul Center, 1 E Jackson Boulevard, Suite 8002, Chicago IL 60604

When: 1:00–4:00pm

Cost: 3 CEUs / $80 Nonmember / $40 NASW Member

Presenter(s): Natalie K. Holzman, LCSW



CO-SPONSORSHIP: Saturday 08.03.19 - Case Management 101 (Chicago)

This workshop is designed to give professionals who work with marginalized communities the tools to help their clients access and navigate the public benefit systems in Illinois. This workshop demystifies for attendees the process of completing applications for SNAP (Food Stamp), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Medicare, IDHS Child Care, and HFS Child Support applications. The presenters will also discuss the importance of humanizing the process, while working within systems. 

Where: DePaul University, 1 East Jackson Boulevard, Room 8002, Chicago IL 60604

When: 10:00am–1:00pm

Cost: 3 CEUs / $125 Nonmember ($110 no CEUs) / $112.50 NASW Member ($99 no CEUs)

Registrationhttps://www.mcschicago.org/ | Contact NASW-IL for discount code


Friday 08.23.19 - LSW/LCSW Review Course (DePaul Center)

Click here for our complete list of 2019 test prep courses: http://www.naswil.org/education-career-development/test-preparation/


Monday 10.21.19 - Who’s the Client? The Ethical Implications of Determining Clienthood in Clinical Social Work Practice (DePaul Center)

What looks like an easy concept isn’t necessarily. Is “clienthood” a singular notion? Are our obligations the same with multiple clients or other stakeholders? We'll focus on the related ethical implications and provide ways of thinking of it as a central/pivotal consideration.

Where: DePaul Center, 1 E Jackson Boulevard, Suite 8005, Chicago IL 60604

When: 1:00–4:00pm

Cost: 3 Ethics CEUs / $90 Nonmember / $50 NASW Member

Presenter(s): Natalie K. Holzman, LCSW



2019 NASW-Illinois Chapter Statewide Conference (Wheeling)

When: Tuesday, November 5 through Thursday, November 7, 2019

Where: The Westin North Shore, 601 North Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling IL 60090

Cost: TBA

Registration: To come



Wednesday 04.03.19 - Advocacy Day (Springfield) 

This year's 2019 Advocacy Day will occur on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, and take place at the Bank of Springfield Center (formerly Prairie Convention Center) in Springfield, IL. Join an anticipated 1,000+ social workers and social work students from across the state to attend a half day of educational seminars on lobbying in Illinois. Participants will receive an Advocacy Day packet complete with legislative materials and tip sheets on lobbying. See the Advocacy Day page for more information as it becomes available. 

Where: Bank of Springfield Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza, Springfield IL 62701

When: 9:00am–5:00pm

Cost: $15 ($20 after March 4th) Student Fee -- 3 CEUs / $45 Nonmember / $20 NASW Member Fee

Presenter(s): Various



Friday 04.12.19 - Helping After a School Shooting or Student Suicide (DeKalb)

This is a Jane Addams District CEU event. Participants in this workshop will learn a way to effectively assist individuals by using the presenter’s twelve-phase, evidence-informed intervention. This intervention incorporates a sequence of up to 80 specific and practicable tasks that are also often used in crisis intervention, psychological first aid, critical incidence stress debriefing, and post-trauma counseling. 

Where: Kishwaukee Hospital, 1 Kish Hospital Drive, Dekalb IL 60115 (Free parking on-site)

When: Registration at 8:30am | 9:00am to 12:00pm 

Cost: 3 CEUs / $45 Nonmember / Free NASW Member

Presenter(s): Jerry Ciffone



LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Monday 04.15.19 - Serving People with Disabilities (DePaul Center) 

This session will explore everything social workers need to know about the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as best practices when interacting with people with disabilities. We will discuss issues regarding rights of employees and college students (reasonable accommodations, disclosure, expulsion based on mental health), obligations of social workers and other businesses (service animals, interpreters, architectural access), and community integration (Olmstead).”

Where: DePaul Center, 1 E Jackson Boulevard, Suite 8005, Chicago IL 60604

When: 1:00–4:00pm

Cost: 3 Cult. Comp. CEUs / $45 Nonmember / FREE NASW Member (Free CEUs)

Presenter(s): Rachel M. Weisberg, Esq.



Monday 04.22.19 - The Revised NASW 'Code of Ethics' for a Technological Age (DePaul Center)

This ethics workshop focuses on the 2017 revisions to the NASW Code of Ethics which reflect the unique challenges faced by social workers due to the now pervasive use of communication technology. All significant changes to the Code are highlighted. These new and reworked standards are actually extensions of the Code’s previous direction, in that they provide more specific attention to ethical implications for our “interactions, relationships, or communications whether they occur in person or with the use of technology.” (NASW Code of Ethics, pg. 4) In addition to the orientation, there will be extensive discussion of practice issues/questions submitted by attendees prior to the workshop.

Where: DePaul Center, 1 E Jackson Boulevard, Suite 8005, Chicago IL 60604

Date: 1:00–4:00pm

Cost: 3 Ethics CEUs / $90 Nonmember / $50 NASW Member

Presenter(s): Natalie K. Holzman, LCSW



Wednesday 04.24.19 - LSW/LCSW Review Course (DePaul Center)

Click here for our complete list of 2019 test prep courses: http://www.naswil.org/education-career-development/test-preparation/


Don't see a training in your area? Contact your local district chair to help with organizing with an event in YOUR area! 

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