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What is a Shared Interest Group (SIG)?

It’s a gathering of people with mutual interests. When people rally around a common subject, it quickly becomes an invaluable forum for sharing knowledge, learning, and resources.

Why Start a Shared Interest Group (SIG)?

1.    To foster learning.
2.    Develop a strong community of like-minded people.
3.    Enact change.

So consider creating your own shared interest group. For example, people working in private practice from Rockford can create their own SIG, as can social worker moms from Springfield. It’s easy to set up and available to all NASW Illinois members. The topics are flexible. You receive chapter support and set your own agendas and meeting schedules.

Learn something, do something, change something. That’s what a SIG can accomplish. Shared interest groups have the potential to promote stronger communication and increased member participation by providing a more immediate and professionally relevant way to connect with NASW Illinois. The result will be a more effective association, especially when a strong social work voice is needed.

Three Easy Steps to Start Your Own SIG:

1.    Locate four other NASW Illinois members interested in your group.
3.    Complete the 'Starting a SIG' form and submit NASW Illinois.

That’s it! Your application will be reviewed by NASW Illinois Executive Director Joel L. Rubin, and notifications and SIG materials will be distributed afterwards.

SIG Benefits:

•    A structured process to form your own group
•    Opportunity to present at social work conferences
•    Promotional updates on the NASW Illinois Chapter Web site
•    Customized page on the NASW Illinois Chapter Web site
•    Financial support (after reaching twenty members)
•    Access to chapter technological products and facilities when available
•    Office coordination with district events


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